Beach Area 1

Why is Beach Area 1 the most talked about beach area in Wasaga Beach? For day-tripping sun seekers and week-long renters, this beach offers the amenities which tend to be popular with transient crowds.


The Pros: 

Many of the commercial cottage courts and motels are within walking distance of Beach 1. Day-trippers can park in the Provincial, Municipal or Private parking lots and take what they need to the beach where they stake-out their spot for the day. Renters can leave their cars at their motel or cottage and simply walk a few minutes with their beach towels, umbrellas, flip-flops and bathing suits. 

Simply put - Beach 1 is for people watchers. Sip a cool drink on a raised patio and take in the sights and sounds of summer at the beach. The music, the cars, the bikinis and the body builders. 

It's the only area that offers fast food, ice cream, alcoholic beverages and shops adjacent to the beach. You can enter most places with no shirt and bare feet. It's very casual. 

Beach 1 is where most of the annual beachfront events take place which only adds to its appeal. Depending on when you arrive, you might see a concert, a volleyball tournament, cool cars and motorcycles, or even a strong man competition. The events change from year to year but you can find out what's going on by visiting the Event Calendar. 

As you go east at Beach Area 1 you will arrive at the point where the river meets the bay. You will notice that this part of Beach 1 is very different. It's quieter and more natural in appearance. This area is lush with natural plants and trees and is where the rare and protected piping plover nests each year.  At nesting time you may find the area fenced off but you can try to catch a glimpse of this rare bird with binoculars or a good long-range camera. It is a good opportunity for families to teach young ones about preservation and respect for wildlife. 

The image below shows where the amenities are located for Beach 1. 

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