Beach Area 4

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Beach Area 4 is where Wasaga Beach starts to look less touristy and more like an area of contented cottage owners. It's an area of beautiful gardens and interesting no two are the same style homes, you can meander through the streets to see how life really is in Wasaga Beach. 

There are a few commercial rentals here but mainly the homes and cottages are owned by full-time local residents and seasonal cottagers; many who have been returning with their families to Wasaga Beach for decades.

For my money, Beach Area 4 is one of my favourites. It's quieter because many of the people in this area aren't on vacation and are just going about their day-to-day lives. But perhaps the most redeeming feature of Beach Area 4 is the expanded green space. There is a bike trail and a large playground nestled in the shade of large old-growth trees. It feels communal, less hectic somehow. This would be my go-to spot for a family reunion. You have cool, shaded areas for grandma and grandpa, children can play in the park or on the grass, and the beach is just a few meters away.

Another nice feature of Beach Area 4 is that you are walking in the shoes of area locals. Mixed-in with the commercial rentals are homes owned by full-time local residents and seasonal cottages; many who have been returning with their families to Wasaga Beach for decades.

Spend an afternoon walking the tree-lined streets and take in the gardens kept by proud home and cottage owners. When I first vacationed here, I quietly envied the lucky people who lived on these idyllic streets. It seemed impossible that I would someday live here too. How things change!  If you are thinking about leaving the city for good, drop in to one of the realtor offices in the area to see how affordable it is. 

The image below shows where the amenities are located for Beach 4.  

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Beach Area 4