Beach Area 5

As you go west towards Collingwood in Wasaga Beach, things get progressively quieter. Beach 5 is an area which is (mostly) comprised of seasonal cottage owners and full-time locals. You'll see them riding their bikes on the path that winds through the park and streets, you'll see families with children and baby carriages, roller bladers, people out for their daily jog - a slice of real life in Wasaga Beach. This is the idyllic cottage lifestyle that you only read about in magazines. 


There are fewer (legal) commercial rentals in this area so do bear that in mind if you are responding to some ad on kijiji or similar rental advert website. 

If you are lucky enough to be able to stay longer than a week in Wasaga Beach, this is a great area for that. There is a huge grocery store, hardware stores, pharmacies etc., all catering to residential needs. This would be perfect for anyone who wants to live cheaply and stay longer - cook your own meals, walk or take the local bus around town. There are bus stops dotted along Mosley Street throughout town which makes things much easier. 

The beach itself starts to look more natural at Beach Area 5. You might see some beach grass growing at the edges. It is an area that is teeming with natural vegetation and unexpected wildlife. There are several wooded areas nearby and it is common for locals to report that deer have been nibbling flowers from their gardens. If you see a group of large birds that look like vultures, grab your camera! They are wild turkeys and since hunting is prohibited, shooting with your camera is the only way to go home with bragging rights. 

The image below shows where the amenities are located for Beach 5. 

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Beach area 5