Are Dogs Allowed on the Beach?

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Dogs at beach 3Good news for dog lovers! Dogs are once again allowed to frolic on the Beach and cool off in the water at Beach Area 3.

For those with long memories, you may know that the doggy area was at Beach area 3 a few years back but moved to the east side of Beach 1. However due to the endangered Piping Plover birds who used the area for nesting, the area allotted to our furry pals was limited. Dog owners made repeated requests to the Town Hall to let them exercise their pets safely and responsibly so the Beach 3 doggy area has returned. The dog beach is at the bottom of 22nd Street if you are unsure of where to go.

There is also a fenced-in area on Mosley Street, just west of the RecPlex where many dog owners bring their pets to play with other dogs. Of course your dog should not be timid of other dogs as it can get a little rambunctious in there.

All sanitation rules apply. Bring doggy bags to pick up after your pet and common sense is always a good thing for a safe day at the beach with your best buddy.