Website Design

Darlene Watters - website designer.

Whether you are just getting started with a new business, or your website is outdated and could use a fresh new look or you want to upgrade to mobile-friendly standards, I can create something that will fit your goals and your budget. 


Too often I hear stories of web design projects gone wrong; a friend or relative designs a website for cheap - or free and then suddenly becomes unavailable when there is a problem. No matter how skilled someone may claim to be, if they don't work full time as a website designer, chances are they won't have time to help when you need them.

Websites can be designed to your specifications, or you can just provide your content (text, photos, logo) and ask me to come up with a unique and creative idea for you. Each project is different and is priced according to your wants and needs but you can rest assured that you will be offered suggestions to keep the cost low. 

Since 1997 - Darlene Watters has been helping local businesses by creating affordable websites, supported by years of experience. 


A Dedicated Server for My Clients Only.

While most hosting services have you sharing one server with hundreds of transient sites - all managed by people you don't know, the websites I create are hosted on a server reserved for my clients alone. This means that resources, RAM memory, storage space etc., are not being abused. The results are more reliable hosting for you. And, if there is ever a problem I am just an email or phone call away.

And yes, it's me who answers.   

Advertising on accepts advertising in the form of Interactive Ads or Banner Ads. These reasonably priced ads can help to drive traffic to your website or put your name on the lips of potential clients. They are effective and affordable. 

  • Full Page (Interactive) Ads are available in a variety of formats from a simple (free) listing to multi-tabbed pages.
    Features include:
    • choice between a photo slideshow or gallery.
    • attachments (great for brochures or menus).
    • availability calendar which can be used to show upcoming entertainment, vacancies and other important dates.
    • maps that show where your business is in relation to the beach and to other businesses
    • a map pinpointing your exact location which can be 
    • reviews that YOU control. 
    • your own control panel where you can manage your ad; upload/change photos, add/delete attachments, manage reviews and more.
    • social media links to "like", "share", "pin" or "email" your listing to other potential clients.

  • Banner Ads can be placed on almost any page** and are available in various sizes. 
    • Banner Ads and Interactive Ads are sold as yearly subscriptions.
    • ** Limited space available for Banner Ads. More popular pages may be sold out. Order early.

Multimedia Services

Photography, original music, animations and video can be created for your website. Just ask!